Why "Ten" Greatest Companies?
The Ten Greatest Companies are teaming up with various communities to help end homelessness and help those in need. These ten companies can help meet the needs of many people in ten unique and different ways. Our main goal is to help them get back on their own two feet. We have designed these programs in such a way that they are more beneficial than any welfare or halfway house program out there. The Ten Greatest Companies have created a program that will help these people in specific areas such as: food, shelter, home/car repairs, security, transportation, childcare, financial, medical, and housing supplies. One of our unique programs, Rooming, Inc provides affordable housing to the homeless while they receive counseling; go through rehab and career placement.

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What are Rooming, Inc and Share a Room?
We are working to aid people who want to improve their lives, careers and their future. Our programs are available for children, young adults, families and senior citizens. These programs include, but are not limited to – transportation (bike or bus program), volunteer program (earn rewards or prizes – some monetary), credit program (repair or start up credit). We provide a way for people to help themselves and each other.

This is achieved by first solving the basic problems: adequate shelter, food, clothing, hygienic needs and safety. Our unique programs, provide our residents with a bed and linens, storage, 3 meals a day, clothing, towels, shampoo, soap, other hygienic needs, lounges, laundry facilities, and other needs.

Once their basic needs are met, these people can address the other issues in their lives, such as a job, training in a trade or taking courses, establishing credit, taking care of debts or a dependency on drugs or alcohol. Our residents in these programs are required to work on improving their lives while helping others. Everyone entering the program has to fill out a “goals” form which is followed up with individual meetings to see how they have progressed towards achieving these goals.

We are also working with our clients to obtain homes of their own, improving or establishing credit, and working to obtain better jobs in the careers of their choice. In return our clients are required to follow the House Rules as well as do volunteer work in their neighborhood and community to improve and enhance their lives as well as others. We have house managers and crews that handle the upkeep of any property, and do random inspections daily and weekly. The house manager also arranges weekly or monthly meetings with all residents.

Theses are just a few of our programs that we have designed to specifically help the homeless and the helpless. With your help we can fight to end homelessness. We want to help people who are in need and make difference in our world.
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