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Conference calls are available at the following times 7 days a week to help members with financial needs.
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Members enjoy a wide range of financial services from Cash Your Way, LLc. Find out how to become a member today.



| Hardware and Software For Campus and Cashless Card Systems, and more.

|Teaching goal setting, budgeting and the proper uses of borrowing money.


What We Do
Cash Your Way, LLC is a banking company offering financial services to residents of Rooming Inc, staff from any Ten Greatest Company, or Members of the Ten Greatest Companies. We offer standard Checking and Savings accounts as well as long-term investment accounts. We also provide financial counseling and CPS services for our business members. Our main purpose is to provide a financial structure with which residents and clients can use to get their financial lives under control and provide for themselves and their families. Every resident of Rooming, Inc will be given the opportunity to begin an ETA account for their Children. The accounts are opened with $500 provided by the company. The account will continue to grow and earn interest until it matures when the child turns 18. The resident can contribute to their accounts each month after expenses and their children can participate in fund raising programs.




A "Cashless" Banking Model
Cash Your Way, LLC was designed to provide financial solutions for people in High-Risk financial situations. Many of our clients are attempting to get their lives back after drug or alcohol addiction, severe poverty, or are dealing with mental illnesses. Our company adheres to a "No Cash" policy in an effort to ensure that money going to the client is used to help them be financially stable. When money is given to the client it is in the form of a credit to their account which can be accessed through their Debit Card, or on a CashYourWay "Cash Card" if they do not have a checking account.
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