Bed Alarm / GPS Tracking System

Healing Star's Medical Equipment division Offers a variety of Home Security and tracking Systems for patients who are restricted to home care. Medical Professionals can monitor patients vitals signs from off-site, as well as track the patients movements.

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• Hardware & Software for security card systems to secure building and campuses
12 Steps
• Social networking site geared toward recovering addicts and families of addicts.

Prometha® Treatment Programs
• Addiction Recovery Program with Facilities in SantaMonica California and New Jersey

Healing Star, LLC's Healing TOUCH
Healing Star, LLC specializes in providing individual care for the homeless & for addiction recovery patients. Our Network of Hospitals, Doctors, and Home Health Care professions (such as Nurses, CNAs, and Physical Therapists), provide care for patients that in many cases have not had medical treatment in years. We also offer programs and products for patients who are bed ridden, incarcerated, or otherwise institutionalize

602-348-2174 or 623-225-8211
Address: PO box 5551
Scottsdale AZ 85261-5551

Partnering with Law Enforcement
Healing Star, LLC offers several programs to assist State and Local Law Enforcement agencies in caring for our residents in need of special medical attention. Healing Touch designs these programs to make care as portable as possible. We can care for patients that are under House Arrest by bringing the needed equipment to them. If a patient requires treatment that cannot be brought to them , Healing Star will bring them to one of our secure facilities. Contact us today about how we can best meet your agencies needs.


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