A Passion for Helping Kids

"Helping The Kids"is more than a name, it's our mission. We believe in not only catering to our clients physical needs and time constraints, but also to their children's emotional needs. In many cases children of our clients come from stressful and difficult situations. Our caretakers are trained to handle the challenges of children with emotional difficulties. And we have counselors available to help children through difficult transition times.

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In addition to childcare available 24/7, members also enjoy benefits and discounts from TGC's other partner companies. Benefits include:

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A Daycare for You and the World
Helping The Kids daycare facilities are open 24/7, provide a comfortable and pleasant learning environment, and are built "Green." Day care services are available to our members and Rooming,inc residents 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week. We schedule your child's care to fit your needs. The facilities are staffed at all times with a 2 to 5 ratio (2 Caretakers for every 5 Children). Our company also offers PIck-up and Drop off service for an addition fee. All daycare facilities are equipped with 6 vending machines (3 meals a day with night time snack), field trips, and unlimited movie rentals. Each facility is built "Green" with Solar Panels, Environmentally friendly building materials, and more.

A Safe and Secure Place to Stay

Helping The Kids takes keeping our kids safe very seriously. We keep a security agent on site to protect and watch our children. We also provide GPS tracking devices for each child allowing us and you to locate the child at anytime while they are in our care.
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