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The Share-A-Room Project
The Ten Greatest Companies have partnered with EnzoHouse to construct new "Green" Eco-Friendly housing for the homeless and the Helpless.
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Why the "10" Greatest Companies?
Rooming, Inc. is a sponsored 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization based in Phoenix, Arizona that was formed in 2007. The organization attempts to improve the quality of life and living standards of low-income families and individuals by assisting them with environmental-friendly affordable housing aimed at self-sufficiency.

The organization’s projects, implemented by a well-trained staff, provide many opportunities for the reduction of unemployment, poverty, and homelessness through safe, affordable housing. Furthermore, Rooming, Inc. has incorporated green housing into its overall objectives. Homes owned by the foundation will be retrofitted with solar panels and other forms of alternative energy, thus reducing housing costs and supporting the environment. This is a unique approach to housing for the poor and indigent.

Supporting the development of self-confidence, knowledge, and occupational ability, the organization provides many individuals with a foundation for future success.

Individual empowerment and self-determination have always been strong components of the organization. Initiated by founder Elijah Brown, the organization was formed to address the numerous social, vocational, and economical needs of the area’s low-income families and individuals. The goal is to counteract failure, and to assist in the provision of opportunities for self-sufficiency. The mission of the organization is to provide economic opportunities where none currently exist.

The organization currently wishes to model an existing program on a larger scale. The company wants to purchase new housing units within the city and house tenants, including the mentally ill, recovering substance abusers and the homeless. Rooming, Inc. will also open a food kitchen on-site for daily meals. The organization has already contracted with the medical company Healingstar, LLC to take over services for tenants. A medical doctor will oversee the program. Other services include counseling medically ill patients, developing plans for daily living and coping skills, drug treatment and employment placement. A resident manager will live on-site. Rooming Inc. also plans to host AA and NA meetings at the complex, as well as other life-enhancing programs and services. This full-service complex will manage the highly specialized needs of tenants and a take whole-person approach to living.

In addition, we have partnered with the highly respected and reputable green home builder, EnzoHouse. This company has graciously offered reduced rates for retrofitting Rooming-owned properties. These homes will serve as national examples of what can be done when environmentally-conscious building and human services join forces. This program will begin in Phoenix and spread out across the United States.

Recognizing the needs that exist both nationally, and in Phoenix, staff provides an opportunity for education, food, clothing, housing and medical care. The organization’s goals are accomplished by offering the opportunity for people to understand how improving each part of their life will improve the whole. Ongoing evaluation assures progress and cost-effectiveness.

The organization has been funded primarily through private and in-kind donations. Fundraising is a continuous, ongoing effort. A grant will assist in the survival of the organization’s projects. This funding will be used for costs related to capital, program, and administrative expenses.



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