Phone: 602-348-2174
or 623-225-8211
Address: po box 5551
scottsdale az 85261-5551

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Conference calls are available at the following times 7 days a week to help members with security needs.
• Hardware & Software for security card systems to secure building and campuses
• Real-Time GPS Tracking Devices
• The Pennsylvania Automobile Theft Prevention Authority (IFPA/ATPA)


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Protecting Rooms offers members of the 10 Greatest Companies a 50%-75% discount on Security Products and Services. Members also receive FREE and Discounted Services from member companies, and Tax Deductible Membership Fee

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Keeping Homes and Communities Safe
Protecting Rooms, LLC is a privately owned security firm which is responsible for providing security to any of the Ten Greatest Companies member facilities. They provide security for Rooming Inc's residential projects, and security for buildings or storage facilities owned by any of the other Ten Greatest Companies. In addition, Protecting Rooms employs state-of-the-art technology and trains it's teams to track and secure individuals that might otherwise be a threat to society.


Partnering with Law Enforcement
Protecting Rooms, LLC is not meant to take the place of Local Law Enforcement, but rather support them in what they are already doing. Contact Us today about how we can best meet your agencies needs.

Making your Home and Facilities Safer
Protecting Rooms, LLC want to make our clients safe from danger in and outside the home. Which is why we support using a Life Alert® System in our protected facilities. Life Alert® provides solutions for medical emergencies, intrusion prevention, and potential violent offenders living near you. Read more about Medical Alert Products we use

  FKA (Found Kid Agents)
We are currently seeking trained individuals with a talent for investigation to join our FKA Field Agent Teams. Agents primary responsibility is to seek out homeless children, adults, and runaways and help them into a Rooming,inc Program. Agents will never take someone against their will, but they are prepare to help anyone that asks out a potential dangerous and abuse situations. All agents will be trained in Martial Arts in order to defend themselves and others as the need may arise. Martial Arts training will be provided through Protecting Rooms invites former Law Enforcement officers to learn more about our programs. For more information email us
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