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Helping FamiliesWhat is the Rooming, Inc?
Rooming, Inc is the Non-Profit company which provides for the needs of homeless and disadvantaged families or individuals. Within the Ten Greatest Companies, Rooming inc is the main company which directs the resources of the other companies to best aid our clients. Rooming Inc will utilize homes built and/or purchased by Share-A-Room to provide a place to live for its homeless clients. Rooming, Inc will provide furnishings for their homes, place clients in jobs, provide meals, and establish cash less bank accounts for clients that will allow them to earn money and pay bills while maintaining accountability with their finances.



Giving and Receiving
Rooming, Inc is a Non-Profit Organization whose purpose, first and for most, is to give (both to our clients and to those who have given to us). Rooming, Inc provides furnishings for homes and businesses. For our clients, we provide furnishings as they need for their homes. To our members we offer the benefits of an exchange program, providing new replacements for worn out or out-dated equipment. Also read about more member discounts below.

Member Discounts Members of the Ten Greatest Companies (individuals or businesses) are eligible for 50% - 75% Discounts on products from Rooming, Inc Online Store

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Apply for Housing

We welcome anyone living in one of our service areas on a fixed to income to move into one of our "green" housing units.

To apply for housing for yourself or a family member,



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